soothe the soul
chewable morsels
living stones
windows to the soul
closer than brothers
the God-shaped hole
in the beginning







 tHE bAND :

Lance Haynes :   Acoustic and electric guitars, guitar synthesizer,  electric and fretless bas

Collette Taylor :  Voice, piano

David Taylor :     Synthesizer, hand drums, effects


John Long :    Electric, and nylon string guitars

Bob Lynn :         Drums, percussion, guitar, keyboards



A new song, Luca, was written especially for Dave Bainbridge of Iona's son Luca by Dave and Collette, and it is featured on the new compilation CD Songs for Luca 2, available on Open Sky Records ( Other artists on the CD include Dave Beegle, Iona, Moya Brennan, Phil Keaggy, Soulful Terrain, Roine Stolt, Nick Beggs, Joanne Hogg, and more. All proceeds go toward Luca's autism treatment program.


The song Dry Bones was featured on the CPR Volume 1 release.


Here's what the critics had to say about Theophonic Cloud:


"I canít wait for the release of this fantastic American bandís debut. Dry Bones sounds like a marriage between Threshold and Iona (so, yep, thatís possible). Thanks in no small measure to the fantastic voice of Collette Taylor and the heavenly guitar solos (especially the one at the end!) by Lance Haynes. The track is mixed by Fred Schendel (Glass Hammer)".

- Mark M

 Dutch Progressive Rock Page:

"Theophonic Cloud.. to me, this is the most exciting debut on the disc. Lyrically, it is about the weird vision of the prophet Ezekiel, of a valley of skeletons being clad with muscles and flesh again, receiving the breath of life, to form an army for the Lord. How on earth this vision ended up on a progressive rock album is a marvel to me, but it works out great. How to describe it? A metal Porcupine Tree? A psychedelic Under the Sun? Anyway, great female singer, pounding drums, haunting guitar, infectious riffs, somewhat epic. This exotic surprise proves a hard act to follow.."

 - Bart Cusveller



Other than a new single released on Songs for Luca 2, recordings have been on hold as several members of the band have relocated to a different state and are setting up a new studio, complicated by the complete waste of time that is Windows Vista.


For now, DOWNLOAD our song Dry Bones, mixed by Fred Schendel of Glass Hammer. The song is featured on the CPR Volume 1 compilation CD which was recently released on Threshing Floor Records.   There are 18 artists on the compilation, including Neal Morse, Glass Hammer, Salem Hill, Proto-Kaw w/ Kerry Livgren, and Ajalon with special guest Rick Wakeman.

Unfortunately, we have sold all our copies of the CD, but you can purchase the CPR Volume 1 double CD from one of the bands listed right HERE.

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