W i t n e s s    C l o u d

soothe the soul
chewable morsels
living stones
windows to the soul
closer than brothers
the God-shaped hole
in the beginning




Lance Haynes

Lance has been playing bass and guitar since he was a young whipper snapper of 12.  Growing up in the San Diego music scene playing in night clubs and the like, he was in three original prog bands that never quite made it, as well as a couple of punk bands. Eventually,  Lance moved north to Oregon for three years, still supporting himself on and off by performing music. Eventually, he was banished to the nether regions of Alaska in 1992 (perhaps as punishment for being a prog head?) to raise a family and get a real job. Lance's bass technique is heavily influenced by the prog bands of the 70's, notably Chris Squire and Yes and Rush, but he also enjoys a whole array of  classic and modern rock bands, as well as a slightly odd obsession with Charo. 


Collette Taylor

Collette's anointed pipes have been drawing her hearer's eyes heavenward since she was a lass growing up in Montana and singing in church with her cowboy logger dad and two equally talented sisters (younger sister Annette's band Venus Hum is pretty popular in it's own right). She's been playing piano since her mom told her that 'not everyone had to sing' as a young child, and she worked her way through college as a wedding singer.  Her greatest gift lies in spontaneity, and her heart beats to see the spirit behind her gifts touch people's lives. The artists she lists as influences include Over the Rhine, Iona, Prince, and old Bob Hope and Bing Crosby musicals.




Dave has been writing songs and poetry and messing around with strange analog synths sounds since early high school.  The younger brother of a prog head, his first records in grade school were a solo album by Rick Wakeman and Yes' Fragile. Other early musical influences were Camel, Tangerine Dream, and Happy the Man, although lately he's become a fan of bands like Radiohead and newer Marillion. Lyrically, his heroes are Kerry Livgren, Kevin Prosch, Jeff Johnson, and Bono. He is also heavily influenced by the writings of C.S. Lewis, George MacDonald,  J.R.R. Tolkien, and other fantasy writers and Christian mystics. He also runs a spiritual progressive rock web zine called Virtuosity at https://www.spiritualprog.com



Dick Street

Dick has a drinking problem.  You could say he has always moved to the beat of a different drummer. He thinks symbolism is a snare,  prefers to ride things that really kick. He learned to play drums beating tin cans with a rock while on a Safari in Kenya. His big musical influence is Irwin Palanski and the Austrian Polka Death March. Unfortunately, his alcohol problem became too much for him, so we fired him and enlisted virtuoso Portland musician Bob "Balder" Lynn to replace him.




Bob Lynn

Bob Lynn of Gracenote Studios, Portland, Oregon, is a long-time friend of DT's. He is a master of all instruments, as well as a recording engineer extraordinaire.  When not playing Van Halen's Eruption note for note on the guitar or pounding holes in drum heads with bands like Floater, he's been quietly producing some of the best modern rock albums around for various local artists in the Portland area. Check him out on Myspace:  https://www.myspace.com/gnotestudios  




John Long

John is a talented jazz-trained guitarist, amateur parachutist and really cool guy that has been playing guitar forever. He even went to Berklee College of Music. When he's not fixing copiers and computers, he's probably fixing some really hot Mexican food or laying down some guitar tracks in his own studio in Ketchikan, Alaska.